Business Resume Sample

Here you can view a professional business resume template that was written by a professional resume writing service. You may use the format for your business resume. The professional business resume is 2 pages and written in microsoft word. It featured a clean business layout that demonstrates professional experience in detail. The first page also displays a summary of skills and what position you are applying for. The name of the applicant and contact information is clearly displayed at the top of the page and the format is carried through to page 2 of the business resume sample.

You may purchase this resume template in Microsoft Word format for just $20.00

Page 1 Professional Business Resume Sample

Professional Business Resume Sample

Page 2 Professional Business Resume Sample

Page 2 of the business resume sample continues with the professional experience. In most cases employers are most concerned with past jobs and work assignments, so don't be afraid to run into 2 pages on this and sometimes even 3. Quickly after the professional experience the computer skills are displayed. Most companies do not want to pay to teach you basic computer skills, so the more you can say here, the better off your business resume will stand out from the rest. Your education, college, and schooling is displayed next in it's own area. You can notice we say Major G.P.A. since some college students do much better in the core classes rather than the undergrad basic classes. Employers know this, so don't be afraid to show off your 3.0 or better. You can add phrases such here to show that you are always educating and learning through professional business experience. We generally do not list references unless asked and for this a separate references page is created separate from the resume.

Professional Business Resume Sample Page 2

You may purchase this resume template in Microsoft Word format for just $20.00

Professional Resume Samples

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